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First steps to help make your open source project more friendly and inclusive

Contributor Covenant Image Link

Contributor Covenant

A Code of Conduct for Open Source Projects.

First Timers Only image link

First Timers Only

A beginner-friendly outline and guide to help you get started with open source!

Up For Grabs image link

Up For Grabs

A list of projects which have curated tasks specifically for new contributors. These are a great way to get started with a project.

First Contributions image link

First Contributions

🚀✨ Make your first open source contribution in 5 minutes.

Ovio image link


Boost your open-source contributions with Ovio's search and smart matching tools for developers.


Open source projects which support underrepresented groups and where you can participate

Speakerinnen image link


Register as speakerin & find speakerinnen!

WikiProject Women in Red image link

WikiProject Women in Red

Increasing the representation of women on Wikipedia through biographies and articles of women’s achievements.

Chayn image link


A volunteer network tackling gender based violence globally by creating intersectional survivor-led resources on the web.

Supernova Project image link

The Supernova Project

Empowering LGBTQIA+ people around the world who are experiencing domestic abuse by providing a queer friendly platform of information and support.

SignDict image link


SignDict is an open dictionary for sign language. Everyone is invited to join in.

wheelmap image link


The world's biggest crowdsourced and open database for ♿ wheelchair-accessible places.

accessibility cloud image link


Simplifies sharing and obtaining accessibility data in a standardized, future-proof, easy-to-use way.

a11y project image link

A11Y Project

A community-driven effort to make web accessibility easier.

common voice image link

Common Voice

Mozilla's initiative to help teach machines how real people speak.

Chaoss Diversity and Inclusion Workgroup image link

CHAOSS D&I Workgroup

Collection of resources for projects to create a diversity and inclusion report.

Open Demographics image link

Open Demographics

Open Demographics is a recommended set of questions that anyone can use to ask community members about their demographics.

Wikimedia techstorm hackathon image link


Technical wikimedia hackaton designed initially for women*.

Mind the gap image link

Gender gap

Hub for resources and information about Wikimedia's gender gaps.

les sans pages image link

les sans pagEs

Francophone wikipedian project to reduce gender bias on wikimedia projects.


This cookbook is intended as a resource for organizers of conferences and events to support and encourage diversity and inclusion at those events.


Find a local space or meetup where you can work with like-minded people!

Open Source Diversity Berlin Meetup image link

Open Source Diversity

Monthly meetup in Berlin for members of underrepresented groups who want to contribute to open source projects.

Diversify Open Source Bangalore image link

Diversify Open Source

We help, encourage and celebrate underrepresented people to contribute in open source projects and speak at conferences!

Heart of Code image link

Heart of Code

Hurra, hurra, wir sind ein Hackerinnenaußenspace in Berlin!

Double Union San Francisco image link

Double Union
San Francisco

Double Union is a hacker/maker space for women in San Francisco.

Open Labs Tirana image link

Open Labs

The first hackerspace in Albania dedicated to Free and Open Source Software, Privacy and the Commons.


Recurring programs for mentorship, funding or networking

RailsGirls Summer of Code image link

RailsGirls Summer of Code

A global fellowship program aimed at bringing more diversity into Open Source. Successful applicants are paid a 3-month stipend to work on Open Source projects of their choice.

Outreachy image link


3-month internships for people traditionally underrepresented in tech. Interns work remotely with mentors from Free and Open Source Software communities.

GirlScript Summer of Code image link

GirlScript Summer of Code

3 month long Open Source program during summers, with an aim to help beginners get started with Open Source Development while encouraging diversity.

Outspoken Women image link

Outspoken Women

A resource for women and non-binary individuals in the open source tech industry by providing them with support, mentorship programs and financial scholarships to speak at events seeking underrepresented speakers and attendees.

Write Speak Code image link


Visibility and leadership for women & non-binary coders through thought leadership, conference speaking, open source & more.

Women Hack for Non-profits image link

Women Hack for Non-Profits

A community of women in tech building open source projects for non-profit organizations and individuals with a cause.

open heroines image link

Open Heroines

Voices of women working in open government, open data and civic tech.

Prototype Fund image link

Prototype Fund

Der Prototype Fund unterstützt Softwareentwickler*innen, Hacker*innen und Kreative dabei, ihre Ideen vom Konzept bis zur ersten Demo zu entwickeln.

Fund Club image link

Fund Club

Pledge $100/month to fund tech projects by and for marginalized people.

Women in Open Source Award image link

Women in Open Source Award

We believe open source is the future of technology. It's time to recognize the contributions women are making and inspire a new generation to join the open source movement.

Global Diversity CFP Day image link

Global Diversity CFP Day

Workshops hosted around the globe encouraging and advising newbie speakers to put together your very first talk proposal.

Hacktoberfest image link


Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of Open Source software which motivates Open Source contributors to boost up their contribution.

fossjobs.net image link


Non-profit job portal from and for free & open source software enthusiasts. Only jobs at FOSS companies.

Open Source Design job board image link

Open Source Design job board

Find design jobs in free & open source software projects or companies!



Background information on diversity & inclusion in open source

Diversity and inclusion: Stop talking and do your homework

Mozilla's research uncovers important ways to promote diversity and inclusion in open source projects. (2017)

Open Source Survey

The Open Source Survey is an open data project by GitHub and collaborators from academia, industry, and the broader open source community. (2017)

Charting Diversity

Working together towards diversity in Wikipedia. (2014)

The Ethics of Unpaid Labor and the OSS Community

Time commitment, pay inequality, and lack of access to jobs that encourage OSS during business hours. (2013)

HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux

An effort to summarize the explanations, recommendations, and opinions of the women who already are interested and active in Linux. (2002)

FLOSS at Geek Feminism

Wiki page with lots of resources on women in free & open source software. Highlights statistics, issues, and how to encourage women in FLOSS.

There’s Always Something to be Done: Liz Henry on Being Disabled in Tech

Insights from a Release Manager at Mozilla and great further readings.

Can we talk about ageism?

An Overview of Ageism in the Open Source Community.

How the open source development community can build more accessible software

An Overview of Ageism in the Open Source Community.


Experts who share their knowledge and can be hired as consultants

Otter Tech

Diversity and inclusion consulting. Over 10 years experience in open source software development and 4 years experience running open source diversity internships.

Frame Shift Consulting

More than just "checking the box" on diversity and inclusion in tech. Our goal is to create long-lasting systemic culture change through workshops, consulting, and speaking engagements.

Programming Diversity

We consult with organizations to build and sustain a foundation for diversity and inclusion, specializing in startups, conferences, and open source communities.