Open Source Diversity

For more diversity & inclusion in free & open source software communities :)


Contributor Covenant

A Code of Conduct for Open Source Projects.

Your First PR

Helps you get started contributing to Open Source by showcasing great starter issues on GitHub and elsewhere.

Up For Grabs

A list of projects which have curated tasks specifically for new contributors. These are a great way to get started with a project.


Diversity Tickets

Help events reach a more diverse audience. And help you to find these events.


Register as speakerin & find speakerinnen!

WikiProject Women in Red

Increasing the representation of women on Wikipedia through biographies and articles of women’s achievements.


Heart of Code

Hurra, hurra, wir sind ein Hackerinnenaußenspace in Berlin!

Le Reset

Le Reset est un espace inclusif de bidouille et d'apprentissage des technologies numériques à Paris.

Double Union

Double Union is a hacker/maker space for women in San Francisco.


We are starting a queer feminist hackerspace in Berlin!

Open Labs

The first hackerspace in Albania dedicated to Free and Open Source Software, Privacy and the Commons.


RailsGirls Summer of Code

A global fellowship program aimed at bringing more diversity into Open Source. Successful applicants are paid a monthly stipend, from July to September, to work on Open Source projects of their choice.


3-month internships for people traditionally underrepresented in tech.


Prototype Fund

Der Prototype Fund unterstützt Softwareentwickler*innen, Hacker*innen und Kreative dabei, ihre Ideen vom Konzept bis zur ersten Demo zu entwickeln.

Fund Club

Pledge $100/month to fund tech projects by and for marginalized people.


To be completed – see our Twitter account for now. :)
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